World’s Biggest Asses, Prices Will Go to The square

Banshee Yuvraj, who has earned Rs 10 crore from Haryana, who has made a name in the country and the world, has given a challenge to Sapna’s donkey, Tappu in 10 lakh rupees. Now you should be thinking that the value of 10 million rupees is worth 10 lakh rupees. How can the Challenge be given, then we are telling you that you actually imposed a cost of Rs. 10 crores on the price of Yuvraj Bhainse of Kurukshetra in Haryana, while the only one from Sonepat of Haryana, Her boss has given Rs.10.The price of Yuvraj and Pappu has surprised the whole country.Everyone is thinking that they have become a celebrity rather than buffalo and donkeys.But nothing like that.In both of them, There are properties which are being priced so high. 10 Lakhia asshole about the specialty of Pappu, owner Raj Singh told that many buyers came to him and offered to buy Pappu for 5 lakh rupees The term also, but he said the price set at Rs 10 lakh Hakraj Singh Tppu no commonness ass

Its height is seven inches long with simple assholes.This is used only for breeding.A breeder of Uttar Pradesh, a breeder of Uttar Pradesh, had bid for Rs 5 lakh to buy Pappu in Barry Animal Fair of Rohtak. But they refused to sell Tappu is the most different.Therefore, no work is left to raise its tantrums. If you talk about its dose, then every day 5 kg of black gram 4 liters of milk and 20 kg green After eating, you should definitely have a tamarind laddus in the food, otherwise, it does not hurt. And it seems to run away.Raj explains that one day’s expenditure on the paddle comes to about 1000 rupees.In addition to Pappu in the morning, Evening is also the habit of going on the evening tour. Raj Singh told that when Tapu is taken to roam freely, then he starts hanging on the ground.Fan always keep running to prevent heat in its stables Himachal Pradesh comes from Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand to get the services of breeder happy. For breeding, the use of the paddle is worth 10 thousand rupees.

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