Why We Say Ok but What Is Your Reason Behind It?


We usually use many types of words in our everyday life, in the same way, “OK” is also one of those words. These words have become so common that we do not think much about its origins. But you must be surprised to know that this tiny word has a lot of intriguing history hidden. There are many different types of theories to explain the roots of “okay”, but according to the most commonly accepted theory, this is the abbreviation of the two words first it was with “o” or “ki”

Most historians believe that ok is used for “everything is right”. This is the reason why we use the term in a compromise to say yes, agree on something, or at the end of something. During the end of the 1830s, such words were introduced when the use of concise terms rather than whole words became popular.

This trend began in Boston and spread to the entire west. It soon became fashionable as a wrongly spelled spelling. Like “enough” instead of being called “inf” It is believed that this saying started in the form of the same kind of bizarre, such as “only cricket” which was used by people of the 19th century, especially when everything was right.

The words that came after a discussion in the 1830s and 40s were not available for a long period of time in the discussion, but after some time, this trend became commonplace throughout the world and it grew and spread.

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