Why More Scientist Tests Occur in Mice

Why More Scientist Tests Occur in Mice
In this post, you will tell why more tests occur on the rat

It is true that the rat in the science community is definitely the most common test subject. About 95 percent of animal research in the united states is conducted on mice. We also know that rats are used for research and study of 79 percent animal testing in the European Union.

However, we can not know how many rats are used in studies and experiments. While the united states department of agriculture keeps track of many species used for testing, none of the united states keeps a detailed list of all rats used in the research.

Why More Scientist Tests Occur in Mice


We know that since 1965, the number of academic quotes associated with rats has been quadrupled, whereas most other topics (dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits) are studied at very frequent speeds. So why are labs using so many rats and rats?

Some reasons are practical: they are small, they are easy to breed and they are cheap and they are cheap. While you are testing on many subjects and can benefit from studying more than one generation at a time, but it is difficult to beat a mice or rat.

Apart from this, they are mammals, so we all can be told of the same family. Thus, they create almost identical genetics, they also have no effect. But we should not forget that our mammal rodents are not friends primates. While primates are genetically linked to us very closely.

Primate usage in research is highly controversial. It is also worth noting that changing the genes of rats is easy. Consider this: science is also about the construction of previous work. The use of rats and rats in the laboratory has increased rapidly, this development can actually be the reason for their popularity.

This is because the result is the opposite. If a scientist chooses to use a particular animal in a laboratory environment, there is a lot to understand when selecting the same animal while testing the same or related researches.

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