Who Made the Internet?


The internet, which you like most nowadays, without which you can not survive, but do you know who made it. Let me tell you that no one has created the Internet. This is the result of a long process of many years with the cooperation of many computer scientists, researchers, and engineers.

Technology Experts, who were affiliated with many government agencies, and some who used to work at their own level together had created the Internet, which we use today the most. In 1930, an expert in Belgium, Paul Olett placed the views of the people behind the Internet in front of everyone, who were similar in nature and who wrote about the “Radiated Library”. Ollet also told how people send messages to each other, a way to “file a file” in social media, “network” and even social centers (think of Facebook or Twitter).


The Internet, which has a tendency to look at us these days, actually started from the sixties. This time one time JCR A computer scientist with Lichlider, Brenneck, and Newman (BBN) had some different ideas about global networking. Which is called “Intergalactic Computer Network.” where did it go. His idea was that this could connect the computer around the world together with a link. In which anybody from the computer can share any kind of information.

These ideas were prepared by a US agency, ARPA, created a network which was then known to have a network of computers called ARPANET. In October 1969, ARPNET messages were sent for the first time between the Clean rock Laboratory in the UKLA and the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in the direction of Elphin Fennal. Then the domain name .gov, .com, .edu, .mil were created.

Many researchers at ARPNET have contributed significantly to the event of the Web, during which author Glenrock told packet switches (a basic pure technique). Vincent Surf and Robert Designer gave information about TCP / Information Science Protocol within seventy.

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