What Is Ubuntu Operating System Download Free Ubuntu

What Is Ubuntu Operating System Download Free Ubuntu

What’s Ubuntu: Ubuntu, that could be an ancient African word – could be a Debian-based Linux system software package.Ubuntu means ‘humanity to others’ or ‘I am what I am because of who we all are’. As Ubuntu means the Ubuntu operating system shares the same spirit with all the computers in the world and it is free for personal computers, smartphones, and network servers. Ubuntu operates on the GNU General Public License (GPL) and any software that is installed by default with all the application software is free software.

What Is Ubuntu Operating System Download Free Ubuntu


What is Ubuntu operating system
In 2004, Linux had established itself in the established enterprise server platform, but the free software was a challenge for most computer users. With this thought, Mark Shuttleworth planned to create an easy-to-use Linux based desktop “Ubuntu” with a sophisticated development team working on Linux project (Linux projects – Debian) and released its first version in October 2004. Ubuntu is free software with a social thought that is available for everyone on the same terms. Ubuntu was a developing company UK-based Canonical Ltd, that owns South African bourgeois, Mark Shuttleworth.

Canonical generates revenue for technical support and Ubuntu’s second service The Ubuntu project is publically committed to ASCII text file software package development principles and encourages all of them free software package, to boost and distribute it (how it works).

Ubuntu is different from commercial Linux because it does not distinguish between high-quality commercial version and a free ‘community‘ version.

Ubuntu today: Today’s date has nine flavors and dozens of localized and specialized derivatives. Along with this, special editions for servers, OpenStack clouds, and mobile devices version is also available… When a few years, Ubuntu remains free and free from use, share and develop.

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