What is the Domain name? How to buy Domain name Register Domain Name

What is the Domain name? How to buy Domain name Register Domain Name

What is a domain name? How and where to buy a good domain name

What is the domain name? This topic we have discussed before but here in a little bit of detail, what is the name of the domain name and also giving some tips for buying a domain name.

Domain name system is also called short in DNS. DNS internet domain and hostname to translate Aven IP address into hostname in IP address. Whenever we type a website name in the computer’s browser, that website is converted to its IP address. The domain name translates into an IP address but has you ever wondered why this happens. This is because of any computer, whenever it is in the network, understands the IP address and not a hostname. The name of any website is kept in alphabets because it is easy for us. We can easily remember names. Thinking that if you do not have a hostname and only need to remember the IP address or if you have to access the website from the IP address then it will be possible for us to remember the IP address – no. DNS is a service that converts the domain names (the name of the website) to the IP address in the IP address to the domain name (website). As mentioned herein, the domain name is the name of a website like the name of our website – newsifier.info then this is a domain name.

In addition to resolving the DNS name, it maintains a database on the server, which is made by connecting a lot of systems together. But there are some servers that maintain the complete database (name and IP) which are called root servers. These root servers are maintained by different independent private companies. Today there are 13 root servers that have been given names ranging from A to M. See list of Root servers here – https://www.iana.org/domains/root/servers

How DNS works: DNS is a service based on a client-server network communication system in which the client requests the server, the Ewism server completes the request. A name is given in the request that the result of the IP address is called forward lookup DNS. When the client sends an IP address in the request and the name comes in the answer, it is called a reverse DNS lookup. DNS maintains a database for lookup and reverses look, whose help converts it to IP to name and name to IP when it arrives. We consider this as an example – assuming that you typed in the browser newsifier.info then the DNS searches its corresponding IP address in the DNS database, such as if it gets the IP address of the website, then he locates the hosting server and opens the requested pages.

DNS caches: Caching is utilized when the volume of the request is too high. Whatever the recently accessed website is, DNS keeps their local copy (temp) while the original DNS server belongs to it. The advantage of having a local copy is that the load of the DNS does not increase on the network’s servers, and any local resolution can be resolved, but one of the drawbacks may be that if the DNS cache is outdated If not, then the DNS will not resolve and the website will not be open.

When you are connected to the Internet, your ISP automatically assigns you a DNS server (Private DNS Server), but if you want it, you can use that other DNS server, which is called public and free DNS servers, on your computer. Can do it. Some of the most popular free public DNS servers – Google (DNS server – and, OpenDNS (20867.222.222,, DNS.Watch (, etc.

  • What is Private and Public DNS Server and List of Public DNS Server

If you have been explained in detail in the domain name, then you may have understood how important it is to purchase a good domain name because people remember domain name and not IP address. Along with it, the domain name is the first impression of any website. Let’s see what is needed to buy a good domain name.

Tips for Purchase good domain name –

  • Choose Short Domain Name
  • Easy to remember, type and speak.
  • The domain name does not resemble another, it is unequal that you can brand.
  • Avoid special characters such as hyphen and numbers in the domain name.
  • Try to get .com domain name so that all people recognize the whole world
  • Domain name must match the name of your business or business profile
  • Buy the Domain Name from the reputed and branded website because if you buy from any of the above, you may have trouble at the time of renewal such as the company’s closure risk, the company’s dashboard, database or software is not updated.


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