What Is Operating System Definition of Examples & Its Function

What Is Operating System Definition of Examples & Its Function

What is the operating system – Operating system definition, classification, and function-OS stands for Operating system? It is a system software that provides computer service to computer programs as well as to manage computer hardware and software resources. No machine can run without os running because the operating system machine is the most important program, which is to recognize all the basic and important tasks such as keyboard input, send output to display screen, manage files and directories on the disk, and all Communication involves parts. On all general-purpose computers, there is an operating system to run and manage programs and applications.

What Is Operating System Definition of Examples & Its Function


When computers were invented, users had only one tool to interact with computers – command line interface whereas today almost every the computer or device has Graphical User Interface OS which is very easy to use and operate. Works as an Associate in Nursing, hardware for all hardware functions such as input-output, memory allocation, or OS programs and for other functions. All electrical appliances require the operating system of hardware and software package functions and programs like cellular phones, game consoles, laptops, net servers, supercomputers, robots etc. Line to convert

Popular desktop operating systems – Apple OS X, Linux, Microsoft Windows etc. Popular mobile operating systems are – Android, iOS, Symbian etc.

  • What is Ubuntu Operating System
  • What is MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System)

Classification of Operating Systems

Multi-User: This type of OS has the ability to run programs on two or more users at the same time
Multiprocessing: A program on this type of OS can run on more than one CPU.
Multitasking: More than one program can be run concurrently.
Multithreading: Different parts of a program can be run concurrently.
Real Time: Response to input instantly

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