What Is HTTP Full Guideness

The full name of https is the hypertext transfer protocol, which is an application protocol. Hypertext Transfer Protocol was invented in 1965 by Ted Nelson. Any data from the Internet from our server to our browser is accessed to our computer in the HTTP language which the browser translates into its original language so that we can read it easily in our own language.

What Is HTTP Full Guideness

What is internet

You might have noticed that when you open a website in the browser of the search bar, then the HTTP comes in front of it.Any data that is in that URL is reaching us through HTTP, which means that Data Plan Text which can be easily hacked.

The same can be seen that https is not written anywhere by typing https and also comes with a green padlock. Which means that the website is completely secure, it will not be easy to hack. We call it the second version of HTTP.

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To make communication of your website secure, we use two types of secure protocols.

  • SSL (secure socket layer)
  • TLC (transport layer security)


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