What Is Domain Name System Definition DNS

What Is Domain Name System Definition DNS

What is a Domain Name System? DNS Definition

The Domain Name System is also called short in DNS. DNS is to convert the domain name to an IP address. When we type any domain name in a web browser, this DNS converts it into an IP address. Similarly, any computer and host name in any of these networks also convert to this IP address. This is because we can remember Alphanumeric Name easily as compared to the IP address. For an example – when we type www.example.com in the browser, then the DNS will be able to do this in or the same type of valid Changes in IP address. Now you see yourself, how easy it is to remember us WWW.example.com, how difficult it is to remember an IP address.

What Is Domain Name System Definition DNS

Now we know that there can be countless DNS and IP address in the case of Public IP Address, so only one server cannot save information of all, because of this, when the query comes to a server and that server has an IP address If he does not know or if he does not solve the query, he will send the query to the other server connected to it. This pass runs on till the query is resolved and the IP address is not available.

DNS implementing a distributed database to all public hosts on the Internet.

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