What is Domain Full Guideness

Domain Full Guideness

Whenever you are searching any website on the Internet, you will have to face the domain name. You must be wondering what is the relation between the domain and the website. In the Internet world, an address has been created for every single website. You give a simple example like the mobile address of its name.

Below you know what the domain is.

What is Domain Full Guideness


Domain name or domain (domain naming system) is a nomenclature that we can infringe on any website on the internet, if you talk about any website, its background is attached to the IP Address (Internet Protocol Address ) It is a numerical number that tells the browser that on the internet it means that (your website) is there.

In simple words, Manu remembers the easy thing; Similarly, every website has its name when it was the first round of the Internet, then it was not so because there was not much website, the address was 333.222.111 for their address. Something like 00004 but seeing the future and looking at their possibilities, the domain name was created because it is very difficult to manage hundreds of crores of websites every day. In the. If there is no recognition system for every website then there is no need for internet. Whenever a website is placed on the Internet, it is given an IP address which is in the digits like Just imagine how difficult it would be if you have to remember such addresses of many websites. For this reason, the Domain Name System has been implemented for the websites.

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