What Is Cloud Computing

What Is Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is something we have in our files Cloud Computing is of two types: Personal Cloud Computing and Shared Cloud Computing! Personal files are those files that contain our videos, photos, documents, software, personal information, personal files, without any tampering with us, etc.

These files are our Internet service and those files that are shared will be used for your friends or Felicitates to send to retailers All our files in cloud computing are safe in cloud storage and if our vibration If there is a problem in the computer laptop then we can go to supersafe and see if these files are backed up online and offline. These files can be shared in any of these files, these can be shared and these files are saved online.

What Is Cloud Computing


If your files are saved in the computer and your computer gets damaged, then you can also backup or access your files on your new computer. You can also access the computers, laptops, mobile and this process is absolutely free. It is not a difficult task, you do not need any extra software, you can change your files online too. The advantage is that file files are not limited to the sharing of these files, as the email cannot be shared with more than 10 MB files, but In the computing, we can do many of your documents, and you can store data from 5 GB to 25 GB.

To use cloud computing, you will need to create an account on the website by going to Cloud Storage Services. You can use Cloud Storage in just a few minutes, this is your 5th website which you can take advantage of Cloud Services

Google Drive

Microsoft sky drive


4 sync


Advantages of Cloud computing – Cloud computing has gained a lot in traditional business since there has been a difference in demand for computerization and working methods.

Provides minutes in Compendium’s Demand Resources in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing also has the advantage that their cost comes in. It does not require mind power, UPS, server, maintenance, but these resources are monthly and earliest.

Cloud services are of three types

(PaaS) platform as a service

(SaaS) software as a service

(IaaS) infracts as service

The cloud is also deployed – all the clouds are not same and different ways of deploying them also vary according to the demand. Cloud can be deployed in three ways – Public, Private and Hybrid.


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