What Exactly Is Affiliate Marketing? [Simple Guide]

A great question that a lot of bloggers have in their mind when starting a website (or blog) and as an answer to Mr. Ayush Chand on my previous article. Well talking about its effectiveness it is one of the best things ever on the internet to earn money and not only for bloggers but also for those people who own websites or membership sites as well A lot of people like Adamhorwitz.tv, Archirend Dunlap of the Financial Benefit Diary and Adamhorwitz.tv have made this technique a fantastic fortune exploitation. In this way, I am currently sharing this secret with you, in this way you will be able to become a rich person. In addition to affiliating with the right words, affiliate sales is also a simple technique where you sell other products or services and earn less for it. This is often as easy as how you achieve on the whole method, it is also simple.

  • Major companies such as HP, Apple, and Microsoft are the only major affiliates who sell affiliate affiliates and supply them with their ads related to their business, then pay them for it.
  • You go to the people (who are the middlemen) and get the products which may be available in the form of Banner advertising or text links and so on.
  • Then you place them on some relevant posts or places on your website or blog.
  • That’s it, man. You’re done.

Now when the people would read your post or visit your website then its quite obvious that they see your ads and click on it. And if they buy it then you earn a commission on it. This is the process and the term called affiliate marketing (the term that may be sounding confusing to you)

In short words, you affiliate yourself with a certain product and work for it to get it sold. You can also use other ways such as Facebook or Twitter to promote it but I don’t recommend it. You can use them to promote your website with the product and get it sold.

So what is the best place for affiliate advertising? Some good place for that include:

  • Amazon Associates
  • Clickbank

I use these two and I feel(and even Michael Dunlop) that these are the best places for affiliate marketing. I will discuss them and choose alternative options in the next options, even though it is very difficult to think of scanning many sensible articles on them.




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