We Own Ourselves and Your Own Enemy, How

We Own Ourselves and Your Own Enemy, How

There was a Sheeshmahal in a city, hundreds of mirrors were mounted on every wall of the palace, and one day an angry man went to see the palace. As soon as he got inside the palace, suddenly he started seeing hundreds of angry people. Seeing the kind of anger that came on their face, the person became angrier and started shouting at them. Humans began appearing screaming from up anger.

We Own Ourselves and Your Own Enemy, How


Seeing so many people angry at himself, he ran away from fear. Going a little away, he thought his mind could not have a bad place. A few days later, another pacifist and love reached the arm of Sheeshmahal. By nature, he was happy and alive. As he entered the palace, he got to see another view. Hundreds of people saw him join hands. Increasing his self-confidence and seeing him happy, hundreds of people were seen celebrating happiness and joy. Seeing all this, there was no room for his happiness.

When he came out of the palace, he considered the palace the best place in the world and the experience of it as the best experience of his life. The world inside and outside of us is also the same Sheeshmahal in which a person receives the feedback as per his thinking and thoughts. People who consider this world as a people of happiness, they take the experience of all kinds of happiness and joy from here. Nothing except the sadness and bitterness in those who understand it as a prison of grief. So we are our friends and ourselves are our enemies.

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