What Is Unified Resource Locator (URL)

unified resource locator

Unified Resource Locator (URL)

If you surf the internet then there is no doubt that you will hear about the URL and along with listening you will have used it as well. The full form of the URL is Uniform Resource Locator. As the name suggests, it comes in to locate any resources on the web. Any URL has the name of the resource and the protocol that comes in to access the resource. The first part of the URL determines which protocol will be used while the second part identifies the IP address or domain name where the resource is located.

When you type a URL on the Internet, the URL is used to access the address of any document or resources. The first part of the URL is the protocol identifier and the second part is called resource name. The first part here explains what protocol will be used and the second part source reveals the IP address or domain name. As the http://www.newsifier.info website URL, the first part says ‘HTTP’ to use the ‘HTTP’ protocol while the second part tells the name of www.newsifier.info resource (domain name).

More examples -FTP: //newsifier.info is the first part protocol FTP on Jahan telling second part domain name.

Valid URL restriction: alphanumeric characters and! $ -_ + * ‘() can be any valid URL string, but space is not allowed.

Note: Because we use the URL word mostly while using the internet, it is not right to say that URL is only on the world wide web because URLs can also point to a local network resource like the database, locally host website etc…

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