Top 10 Dangerous Bridges Will Speed Up Your Beats

Brick Canyon Natural Bridge America

The bridge is the way through which people reach from a small village to a large country. These are built to survive in the short span of time by surviving the roads, from rivers, drains, broken and dangerous. During this approach, they need a significant deal value in terms of engineering, they are quite intelligent, strong and safe, however, nowadays there is no shortage of bridges in the world. Today, there is a bridge of water pulling in the air. Walking on it is not to receive another life. These bridges were spread everywhere around the world as a result of their own characteristics.

In such a way, those 10 ten dangerous bridges in the world, which are still very fast, the beats of people’s hearts grow very fast …

1. Immortal Bridge China:

Immortal Bridge China

The Immortal Bridge of China is still counted as one of the most dangerous bridges in the world. This bridge has saved history, religious significance, and civilization there. It is one of the five holy mountains of China. This bridge built between two hills is made up of huge rocks. Below it is a huge valley and a very deep trench. In such a situation, the elderly people are very scared when they pass through this bridge.

2. Konitsa Bridge Greece:

Konitsa Bridge Greece

The Konitsa Bridge of Greece is still counted as one of the most dangerous bridges in the whole world. Seeing the structure of this bridge, everyone gets very shocked. It is made in the arched top of the river Aoos.

The Craftsman was prepared by Ziogas Frontzos in 1870 in a single archery. The bridge is about 20 meters high and about 40 meters long.

3. Carrick Bridge Ireland:

Carrick Bridge Ireland

Years made in the Carrick-A-Reed Bridge are extra exciting. This period has been made from Balinté, near the European country’s County Antrim. With the help of the rope, the length of the bridge is equal to 66 feet and hence the height is quite 90 feet.

Many tourists come here to come here and walk on it.

4. Royal George Bridge Colorado:

Royal George Bridge Colorado

This Royal Gorge Bridge, built in Canon City, Colorado, is a world-wide fame. This bridge built on a stretch of 360 acres is built on a park. It is made up close to 1,053 ft on an Arkansas River.

Simultaneously, two more rivers flowing below are the Rio Grande and Denver. Walking on the bridge in the air seems quite exciting.

5. Inca Rope Bridge Peru:

Inca Rope Bridge Peru

The Inca Rope Bridge, built in Peru’s Kujko Valley, is also quite scrumptious. Its length is 118 feet and the height of 220 feet. It is made on the fast flowing river Canyon. The most striking thing about this bridge is that it is made of ropes made from wild grass.

This bridge was built by the people of the Quechuan community for more than 400 hundred years.

6. Husseini Hennig Bridge Cooking:

Husseini Hennig Bridge Cooking

Husseini Hennig Bij of Pakistan is also one of these dangerous bridges. This bridge, which flows in the air, is also made with the help of a rope. To cross the Borot lake, high Hanja was built in Hussaini Hungi Bij.

Although the bridge had recently been destroyed in rain in 2011, it was largely devastated.

7. Puente de Oujuella Bridge Mexico:

Puente de Oujuella Bridge Mexico

This Puente de Oujuella Bridge in Mexico is also quite exciting. This bridge is also made in a swing. This bridge was designed by the famous bridge designer Roebling brothers for the construction of the bridge in Mexico.

It was once considered the world’s highest crossing bridge.

8. Pulau Langkawi Bridge Malaysia:

Pulau Langkawi Bridge Malaysia

The Pulau Langkawi bridge of Malaysia is also quite famous. The Langkawi archipelago is counted among the largest Islands of Malaysia. It is made in a curved manner. Pedestrians travel on this.

It is built on a giant gap of about 125 meters. This bridge is about 136 yards long and 2 yards wide. To visit this bridge, visitors come here very far.

9. Vitim River Bridge Siberia:

Vitim River Bridge Siberia

This Vitim river of Siberia is quite gigantic. This bridge built on top of it is quite dangerous. The width of this bridge is so that a car can easily pass by here.

10. Brick Canyon Natural Bridge America:

Brick Canyon Natural Bridge America

Brick Valley’s natural bridge is quite famous. This bridge is located at a distance of 1.7 miles. It is also beautiful to see. Here is the unique form of natural beauty. The construction of this bridge is quite difficult.

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