This Story of Akbar and Birbal Will Give You a Lesson

This Story of Akbar and Birbal Will Give You a Lesson

Once a painter came to Akbar’s palace and the painter gave a painting to Akbar and Akbar said that there is a wonderful painting, so all the courtiers sitting there also got yes in the yahoo and said that there is a wonderful painting. Then Birbal came there and Akbar told Birbal why Birbal who is saying all this is correct. Birbal said that Maharaj is asking all this to keep your heart, then Akbar said that prove it, then Birbal speaks okay Maharaj.

This Story of Akbar and Birbal Will Give You a Lesson


Birbal took the painting and put it inside a room and all the court officials were told that if anyone has any fault or mistake in this painting then there is a painting inside the room, go and shoot it with a pen. Go. Where you find fault, after some time all the guards went inside and came out. In the end, Akbar and Birbal went inside and saw the paintings had disappeared, instead of looking like spheres.

At that time Birbal said to Akbar Maharaj, you do one thing. Keep this second copy of this painting here and ask everyone to repair the defects that are seen in this painting and if the blame is not visible then without touching it, without touching it. So all the guards went in, you would wonder if there was not even a single scarring of painting.

The reason is that every man is ready to blame in the world and every man is ready to see the problem in the world but one person is not ready to improve. Seeing the garbage on the moving road, everyone will complain, but throw the trash after getting the opportunity. All will complain of dirt, but if you get the chance, then throw the spit of paan on it.

Friends need to find improvements instead of finding fault. Both term and peace are very boring words in the world but all people find the problem. The day that salon starts to find, life will be very easy and pleasant.

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