The Story of an Intelligent Pandit

The Story of an Intelligent Pandit

Once a wealthy man went to an intelligent pundit about his child and pleaded with him to rescue my son’s bad habits that the wise priest invited his son to come and took him to a garden. After roaming in a little garden, Pandit suddenly said to the boy, “Come on, break this small plant that is, show it.

The boy broke the plant on his thumb and fingers. The wise priest took that boy near some big plants and said, break it now. The boy broke a few more strengths. As soon as Pandit Ji asked, the other big plant was broken by the boy with the strength of both his hands.


After this, the intelligent pundit took him to a guava tree and said to him, “Come on, now break this anus tree and show it.” The boy seemed to be trying to break the tree after considering it. Strengthened but the tree was not even moving.

Finally, the boy said to the Pandit, “It is a lack! I put all my strengths but this tree has no effect.

The wise scholar said, “That happens with the bad habit, you are young now, the root of your bad habits is still weak. You can leave your bad nature easily, but when it is a bad habit, If the root becomes strong then it is impossible for you to leave them

The boy understood this thing of Pandit and his life changed from here.

The morality of this story:

Friends! Never allow their bad habits to develop in themselves. Whenever a bad habit takes us into the house, leaving it is very easy at the beginning. Bad habits are difficult to get rid of when it gets stronghold inside us.

If you do not control bad habits over time, then this bad habit will start controlling you. If you want to leave a bad habit then sacrifice it with full power forever. “

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