The 4 Most Expensive Homes in the World Who Also Want Good Luck to See

This is a dream of everyone in today’s crowded life, they have their own beautiful home and all the facilities are available there. But today we are going to show you the world’s most expensive house, who also want luck to watch.

1. It is a matter of pride that Mukesh Ambani, one of the world’s most expensive homes, is named Antilia, which costs 23 billion.2


2. The second house in France, which is known as Villa Loopopolda, is worth 3 billion dollars. This house belongs to Lily Safari.

Villa Loopopolda

3. The world’s third most expensive home is located in the Sarpong of New York, which is known as the Fair Field, which costs 7 million.


4. The fourth most expensive home in the world is located in London, which goes to One Hyde Park, which costs 250 million. Its beauty lets you see the picture.

One Hyde Park

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