What Is Telnet Command and How Telnet Works

How Telnet Works

Telnet Command is the terminal emulation program of the TCP/IP network, which allows users to connect a remote host or device. For this, it uses port 23.

With the help of Telnet Command, any remote device (if a remote device using telnet protocol and telnet access is allowed) can be managed.

How Telnet Works

You run the telnet command on your computer, after which you name the server/machine you want to connect to. If the remote machine is reachable, then it gives you permission to access the machine after asking the machine’s username and password. Once you are authenticated, you can work it on your remote machine from your computer in such a way as if you are working on a remote machine. This command is very useful for network administrators. Syntax – telnet [Remote Server]

The Telnet Protocol

The purpose of the Telnet Protocol is to create a two-directional, eight-bit computer memory unit built-in communication facility to allow a common method of interfacing terminal devices and processes. You can find more information on the Telnet protocol specification click here.

Telnet Use in Windows

Telnet Use In Window

Well Telnet is not safe to communicate with any other device, yet you can see a reason or 2 to use it

Unfortunately, you can not open a command prompt window and Telnet can expect you to start firing from your commands.

Telnet customer or client, the command line tool that enables you to execute the telnet command in Windows, works in every version of Windows, but, depending on which Windows device you are working on or using. However, you may have to enable it first.

Telnet clients or customer in Windows

In any Windows like – 10,8,7 or older version, you will need to turn on the telnet client in the Windows features before going to the computer’s control panel before turning the telnet command.

  • First, open the control panel
  • Select the program from the list of class things. If you see a group of application program icons instead, then select the program and options first and then go to step four.
  • After that, you click on Programs and its options or features.
  • From the left side of the following page, click/tap the flip
  • From the Windows Options window, select the box next to Telnet consumer.
  • Click/tap alright to change Telnet

Telnet consumer is already put in and can be used in the confine Windows XP.

Note – The Telnet command is considered as unsecured because it transfers all data into clear text. This means that if someone monitors to hacking your network, they can easily hack your User Name, password and end information. Is there. If you have a lot of concern for security, you can use alternative SSH which is safe from telnet.

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