Technology Facts : 16 Amazing Facts of Technology

Today we are going to tell you some of the fun-related facts from Technology Facts that you might not have heard of and help you & save your time.

1. If you are surfing the net and you have to write something quickly, Open a temporary notepad in your google chrome type this in your address bar


2. If you forget your password then you can see the password for that you have to go to your source code and you can see your password but you should be saved on the computer itself.

you can view stored password in your browser by changing the sources code, replace input type=password to text

3. At the time of the control panel open in your computer laptop, you have to create a folder so that your time will be saved and you will see the sari sittings of the control panel by creating this folder.

control panel shortcuts. {ed7ba470-8e54-465e-825c-99712043e01c}

4. Many people who pay a lot of attention to the health they eat, they want to know how much fat or protein is there in it to type on Google


5. You can check your remote control with your phone camera, just see your remote sensor through your camera and press some keys. if there is a purple light then your remote is working fine.

6. If you want to put a video on YouTube without signing in, you can see watch = You can see the thing nsfw

7. A website that tells you the time to sleep

8. Howlongtoreadthis this website can you give you an estimated time required to read a particular book

9. Sometimes it happens that we surf a website or that the website is not safe, which is scam, or if something has not happened to anyone, then go to Google and type = safe browsing:(website)

10. Account killer this website can help you to remove your account from different websites easily. you can kill your account

11. Haveibeenpwned this website can tell you if your email account & details have been compromised in mass hacking attacks

12. Sumopaint this website is a free alternative to photoshop and you can edit your image online

13. If you want to convert youtube video to gif then you gifting in front of that video will convert to your video gif

14. keep your laptop battery level 40% to 80% for optimum result

15. Try honey chrome extension for free discount coupons and save your money while shopping online

16. If you are editing an online image through paint then you don’t have to download it. Simply put the url of that image while opening that file through paint.

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