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In this post you will tell how you can start a blog, so you want to start a blog, good luck! Completely a good blogging and where you care about making a career, but with a blog, you will be able to clarify yourself during a specific instrument, make others available to you with problems you have recovered, yourself Install as an Associate in Nursing Professional,

If you are doing new blogging, then it urges you to start on a very appropriate foot and there is someone to help you to avoid mistakes.

What is blog
Tips for blogging

I have put this guide down for you, to run you through the method of setting up your blog in simple steps.

Ready? Let’s get to it!

Choose a blogging platform.
Find a domain name, and hosting option

If you want to cook, then you need a kitchen and if you have to start the blog then you are under the blocking platform. Below you have been told how to smile a good blog.

1. Choose a Blogging Platform

Most of us use WordPress at Torrent as this is a very good and simple way and it is the most popular forum and there are many people in it that share their tools and ideas.

WordPress is mostly of 2 types which you can start

I can create a blog at, but I do not recommend this option because it is limited to your growth.

e second is the self-hosted WordPress site, this is my recommendation and the subject of this post. In this, you will have more control and flexibility.

2. Find a domain name, and hosting option

The domain was a web address such as which is my domain.

Hosting is a kind of storage space available on a type of remote server where you place files or media files associated with your website.

What is Domain
What is Hosting

Step: You must first buy a domain by visiting a website such as Godaddy, Bigrock, below you have been told.

              1. Step


              2. Step



              3. Step

Countinu Click


               4. Step


                5. Step


             6. Step


After this is complete, you will have to buy hosting if you write it, then you can purchase hosting from any site such as Hostgator, Bluehost, Globe host and much more. Most people like to take from the Bluehost.


             1. Select Your Plan


             2. Enter a New or Existing Domain


             3.  Enter Your Account Info

               4.   Select an Account Plan


                5. Account Verification Purposes


                 6. Login to Your Account


                 7.  You Can Always Pick Another Theme


                  8. Logging in into the WordPress Dashboard


                  9. Welcome Message and You Can Choose to Accept


                   10. Clicking the Launch Button

After clicking the “Launch” button, you will just need to fill the two most important fields for your site. The title and description, which will tell your incoming visitors what is about your site.

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