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Charlie Gilkey

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Charlie Gilkey

2009 was a catalytic year for me. I attended my first SXSW, &, while the whole thing was inspiring, it was seeing Jonathan Coulton perform life that really changed me. l had known about his thing a week project for a few years, but never really thought much about his creative courage.

It took seeing the man live to appreciate the fact that he had completely changed his life, all by shipping one musical thing a week for a year.

A few month after that, I learned about Michele Woodward’s use of the concept “expanding your comfort zone.” Rather than getting out of your comfort zone, you should expand the things you’re comfortable your comfort zone, the more things you can do without constantly battling fear and resistance on their own terms.

I put the two experiences together & made a point to do one thing a week that expanded my comfort zone. I knew I wouldn’t be able to commit to doing on the type of thing per week – being a polymath can be a curse that way but I knew that I could challenge myself to do one thing that pushed some creative or personal edge per week.

What I found fascinating about the process was that a lot of my things had nothing to do with shipping something. Sure, creating something that challenged me counted, but there were other activities that counted just as much.Initiating a conversation with someone I admired. Pitching an idea to someone who wasn’t already part of my friend set. Saying No to an otherwise great opportunity that wasn’t right for me or my business, Co-creating a retreat for entrepreneurs that zig when everyone else is zagging.

Doing my own thing a week adventure reinforced what I had already learned from being an army veteran: fear and resistance only keep you from doing things if you let them. great work doesn’t get done in the absence of fear & resistance, but, rather, it gets done by accepting the fear & resistance and doing it anyway. Once you understand that, you can see that fear and resistance are often the signposts to guide you to what you should do.

Just in case you’re wondering, fear and resistance never really go away. you just become a bit desensitized to the fear & resistance goes more guerrilla. But the same process works, whether you’re gripped by fear and resistance or whether they’re lurking in the shadows: do something every week that expands your comfort zone.

What’re your things this week? It’s waiting on you to do it

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