Private IP Address vs Public IP Address

Private IP Address vs Public IP Address

What is the difference between Private IP and Public IP address, Private IP Address and Public IP address ranges, Private IP Address Vs Public IP address

Private IP Address Vs Public IP address: Public IP address is the IP address that is accessed from the Internet. When your computer connects to the internet, your computer receives an IP address that is called a public IP address. It is a globally unique IP address that is unique in the entire internet network and without it, your computer or device can not connect to the internet.

Private IP address helps connect your computer to a local area network, which does not directly expose to the Internet. As if you are using some computer in your home and they are connected to the network, they need an IP address. This is the private IP address. In this case, if these computers have to connect to the Internet then a router is connected to a private network which receives a public IP address (from ISP). This router is between the internet and your computers and the computers Works to connect with. Thus, the Network Information Center (InterNIC) has blocked a private IP address range for all organizations that organizations can use without any cost in their internal network.

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