Do You Know Who Is the Owner of Google

Google Owner

Today in this post we will talk about Google’s You all know that nowadays every network is done without Google, we search anything on Google but on Google do you know who made Google when made, and why did you not know if Hame explains to you.

Google is an American multinational public company, which has invested in Internet search, Cloud computing, and advertising systems. It creates and develops many services and products based on the Internet, and this profit mainly earns with Ad Words advertising from its advertising program. The company was founded by two Ph.D. students from Stanford University, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin.

 Owner of Google

These are often addressed in the name of Google Guys. On September 4, 1998, it was incorporated into a privatized company. Its first public work/service started on August 19, 2004. On the same day, Larry Page, Sergey Brin , and Eric Schmidt agreed to work together on Google in the next twenty years until 2024. From the very beginning of the company, knowledge has been made in the world in order to make knowledge universally accessible and beneficial. The non-official slogan of the company, which Google engineer Paul Bukit had removed, do not be bad. The company has its own headquarters in 2006 in Mountain View, California.

Google runs more than one million servers from its data centers spread around the world and processes over ten billion search requests and twenty-four petabit consumer-related information data. In spite of Google’s approval, it has grown rapidly, in addition to the company’s basic services web-search engine, Google has produced, acquired and participated in several new products. The company provides online productive software, such as Gmail Email Service and Social Network Tool, Orkut and recent, Google Buzz.

Google additionally creates microcomputer software systems, such as Google Chrome, the piece of exposure apparatus and writing software system, Picasa and faster electronic communication applications Google speaks specifically about software package automation, Google, Nexus One and Motorola Automon is inserted into phones such as, Alex is known as CR-48’s main software package tells Google the Internet’s most visited website.

Apart from this, Google’s other websites include Google Dot to Do In, Google Dot to Dot UK, etc. In the Top 100 Web Sites. This is the condition of Google’s site YouTube and Blogger. According to Brandy, Google is the most powerful brand in the world. Due to Google being the head of Google services in the market, Google has criticized many problems, including personalities, copyright, and censorship.

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