Mysterious Island in the World

Mysterious Island

In today you are going to tell about 10 Mysterious Islands which you have not heard of. Some of these are the stories of the island. These 10 Mysterious Islands are very scary and many have now become Adventure Island, so let’s Start…

Top 10 Mysterious Island in the World

Champ island

Champ Island is one of the Mysterious islands, this is a part of Franz Josef’s place. It stretches up to 374 square kilometers only to Pathro. You get it from large to small pebbles. The scientists believe that they were made inside the water but Maybe nobody knows this


The bovine also comes from a Mysterious Island, its closest Atlantic is covered by approximately 75 square-glaciers. In the 1960s, lifeboats found on this dip were found on its duplicates. Its passengers were never seen in the United States in the year 1989. The satellite Since then, it is one of the Mysterious Islands.

Daksa (island)

Daksa is a small uninhabited island in the Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea. It is also called Island of Ghosts. The Daksa’s Franciscan monastery was built in 1281. The island was the Daksa massacre by Yugoslav partisans entrance of Dubrovnik in late October 1944. This is the story of the persecuted ghost of the island

Clipperton Island

These islands are in Paschim of Gotta between Mexico and the Pacific Ocean, it was claimed by France, after which American made it for mining for Guano, in 1857 it occupied Mexico and the British company had to take it for mining. Permitted by Mexico around 1310, the 13th solider to protect the island was unsuccessful in 1914 due to the Mexican Civil War, the supply of ships ceased. Theirs are the only ones grown Death of Soldiers wives and children alive

Hashima island

This island was operated as a coal mine from 1887 to 1974 and now it is completely useless. In addition to thousands of workers in Japan, along with workers from China and Korea, during the drought year, people in the deep mine of the island were fooled if someone If he went here he had been in jail for 30 days, but in the solution, he has made it a place to roam

North Brother Island

It is a Protecting National Area and it is forbidden to come here for the public. The history of this island is 130 years old, it was closed in 1942, but their building was used for some time even for drug addiction. Used to be

Lazzaretto Nuovo

This is an island which is at the entrance to the lagoon of Italy. It was a monastery, and in 1468, Venus was named as a sunrise place for the incoming ships. This island is currently open to roam though it is very dangerous Situated on the island only, the tomb has been found.

Palmyra Atoll

It is one thousand of Hawaii in the South. It is also one of the mysterious islands. The atoll contains two shallow lagoons, and some 50 sand and reef-rock islets and bars covered with vegetation-mostly coconut palms, Scaevola, and tall Pisonia trees.Palmyra first sighted in 1798 by captain Edmund Fanning of Stonington, Connecticut, master of the American sealing ship Betsy, on a voyage to Asia, according to his published memoir 35 years later

The Island of Doll

This island is very scared to see it is only Doll Doll on an island. This is the story of this island. It is said that here on the death of a child, his soul was disturbed. The person named Julian had a child to do something All around.

Isola La Gaiola

Gaiola Island is one of the minor islands of Naples, off the city’s Posillipo residential quarter, in the Metropolitan City of Naples and Campania region, southwestern Italy.The island is the center of the Parco Sommerso di Gaiola or ‘Underwater Park of Gaiola, The island is now the property of the Campania region and a protected area within it. It includes the Parco Sommerso di Gaiola (Underwater Park of Gaiola) marine reserve in the Gulf of Naples.

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