World’s 7 Most Expensive Mineral


1. Antimatter – 62.5 trillion dollars per gram
The production of one million mg of the most expensive material antimatter on Earth is about $ 25 million. We will be able to use the antimatter in the form of fuel for future spacecraft.

But to make a gram of it today, all human beings must work for one year without rest.

2. Californium – $ 25- $ 27 million per gram
It is the most expensive chemical element in the world. Since its discovery in 1950, it has been synthesized only once.

3. Diamond – $ 55,000 per gram
Diamond is considered the most famous precious stone on Earth, and the best friend of any woman.

4. Tritium – $ 30,000 per gram

This gas is used in the light. Tritium pounds cost about 15 million dollars to produce.

5. Taffy – $ 20,000 per gram or $ 4,000 per carat
Tiffee is a precious stone of purple, pink, red or white color. It is rare for a million times compared to diamonds.

However, despite its specificity, it is not very popular for jewelry talk and possibly its reason is relatively inexpensive of diamonds.

6. Pennite- $ 9,000 per gram
This stone is so rare that very few people actually know that it exists. It is an orange or red-brown mineral, and it was discovered only 65 years ago.

7. Plutonium – $ 4,000 per gram
Plutonium is a silver-white mineral. It is used in a variety of ways to produce nuclear weapons and fuel for spacecraft.

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