Facts About Mobile Phone

Facts About Mobile Phone

Mobile today has become a part of our life. Today, We are going to tell about some Interesting Mobile Facts This 29 Facts about Mobile Phone. Before this, In the post I told you about technology and Tech and Facebook Fact, So let’s start.

29 Most Interesting Facts About Mobile Phone

1. In 1983, the first mobile phone sales in the US exceeded $ 3,500

Mobile Phone Facts

2. Did you know that the name of the first phone was Cimon and it only had features like Calendar, WorldClock and did not have a touchscreen but rather a touch keypad and its price was around 60,000

3. The first call was made in 1973 and the first SMS was done in 1992.

4. Apple’s fiscal 2012 in numbers: 125M iPhones, 58.31M iPads. Source

Mobile Phone Facts

4. Did you know that the best-selling Wifi 5th was launched in 2013 and 17 million units had been sold

5. The demanded phone is the Black Diamond which is near Standard Hobbs, which costs more than 15 million.

6. You know India is the world’s most smartphone country because of its popularity

7. Mobile phones have 18 times more bacteria than a toilet handle. Source

Mobile Facts

8. Do you know why the 9: 41 is written in the advertisements of every iPhone because Steve Jobs launched the iPhone only at 9:41.

9. Most phones in Japan are waterproof because Japan people use them even in the shower change.

Fact About Mobile Phone

10. science has developed the way to charge mobile with urine.

Mobile Facts

11. You may not know this thing that gold can also be removed from a mobile phone but it is a very expensive process.

12. Do you know that the radiation emitted from our phone produces insomnia, headache, and diseases

Mobile Phone Facts

13. Did you know that the most used mobile is used to see time

14. A person opens the screen lock of his phone on average 110 times a day.

15. 80% of people worldwide use Android phones and 33% are people who lose or break their phones.

16. Did you know that 40% of the theft is between 12 o’clock and 5 o’clock

17. The first mobile phone call was made in 1973 by Martin Cooper, a former Motorola inventor. Source

Mobile Facts

18. There are 6.8 billion people in the world, 4.6 billion people use mobile.

19. Your mobile phone has more computing power than the computers used for the Apollo 11 moon landing. Source

20. Nokia 1100 is the world’s phone whose 250 million devices were sold, and it became the best selling phone in history.

Mobile Phone Facts

21. So many Facebook photos and videos are uploaded via mobile that it takes up 27% of upstream web traffic Source

Fact About Mobile Phone

22. Fact About Mobile Phone


Mobile Facts


Mobile Phone Facts


Fact About Mobile Phone


Fact About Mobile Phone


Fact About Mobile Phone


Mobile Facts

29. More Africans have access to cell phone service than piped water. Source

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