Look at This Church Made in the Shape of Shoes, You Will Be Stunned!

Church Made in the Shape of Shoes

Taiwan today, we are going to tell you about a building with which you will be amazed knowing about it, in fact, here people come to see this wonderful prayer in addition to praying in this church. Because this church is very beautiful and attracted, This church is made in the shape of shoes. This church is built in Budai town of Taiwan. According to the information, this church has been built in the shape of a heel to attract women here.

Look at This Church Made in the Shape of Shoes, You Will Be Stunned!


According to the information, about 300 glasses of pieces and thousands of coins have been used to build this church. This church is 5 feet long and 36 feet wide. This church of women living here is favored and they liked it very much.


It did not take much time to make it, it was ready in just 2 months. This church is built in the ocean view park of the city of Budai, on the eastern shores of Taiwan, which has become a hotspot for the people there. Many tourists also come to see the beauty of the church.

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