Let’s know about 5 high-tech countries in the world

Nowadays, during the times of technology, we get to see such things, which were difficult to imagine. But now technology has made our imagination possible. It is only some countries in the world that are far ahead of our country in the technical things which things we are now seeing now have come in those countries a long time ago. Let’s see today some countries that are technically full of countries whose technology will be stunned to see you.

1 San Francisco, United States- If talking about the hi-tech city then the name of San Francisco comes first on this list. But it is not surprising that the part of South of San Francisco is known as Sealan Valley. It is one of the world’s high-tech cities. If this is done, then Job cannot have a better city than this city. Every day new companies start their business in this city and all companies are one more than one.

2 New York City, United States of America – high-tech, this list of new names comes from New York. If we compare our country then we will find that there are many such techniques in our country that have been old in this city. At present, there are more than 7000 high-tech companies in New York and according to a 2013 report, the number of jobs in New York City is more than 1 lakh.

3 London, UK– London City is one of the high-tech cities of the country. According to the to think chank study, the number of street-up people in London is higher in comparison to other countries in the world.

4 Los Angeles, United States– Los Angeles is known for its films. This city is technically more hi-tech than other cities in the US. According to the report of To think, this is 58 billion investment.

5 Taiwan, Japan – If talked about to think chank report, this Japanese city is one of the high-tech cities of Asia in terms of technical terms. Taiwan is also known as the place of technology all over the world.

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