A Person Leaving Google’s Job & Start Own Business

Quit Google Job

This person left the job of Google and started eating business. You might be feeling a bit awkward after reading this, how can someone leave a company job like Google, but this is true.

This story is the founder of Famous Food WebsiteThe Bohri Kitchen’. He got a job at Google Company only at the age of 25-26, but he left the job and started the business of eating boohi. Starting from a restaurant this business is also known abroad today.

Quit Google Job

This business, which started in 2015, is known as ‘The Bohri Kitchen‘. Its initial turnover was only 50 lakhs and in the same year, the turnover of 3 million was achieved. Read in the next slide, some interesting things related to it
Who is the founder of ‘The Bohri Kitchen

Munaf Kapadia is the founder of ‘The Bohri Kitchen‘. Munaf, 28, lives in Mumbai and started his business from there.
Today’s restaurant named ‘The Bohri Kitchen‘ is in Delhi and Bangalore as well as in Mumbai. Not only this, there are some branches in New York too.

Such an idea

During the interview to India Forbes Magazine, Munaf told that he came to see this TV in the Idea House on TV on the day of the holiday.

In the fight for the remote mother and son, Munaf thought that if he would spell his mother, he would not disturb him to watch the TV.

Such assurance was given to the mother

Every mother cooks delicious food for her child. But Munaf had to tell his mother that she could become a good chef.
For this, he invited some of his friends to dinner. Everyone appreciated the mother of Munaf and praised Munaf’s mother. After this Munaf got more Confidence.

To leave homework

Munaf said that his biggest challenge was to start this business, leaving a job in Google.
He was scared that when you talk about leaving a job in the house, nobody will agree. But he assured everyone and started the business.

Why the ‘The Boehri Kitchen

Bohri Dawoodi is the popular food of the Bohra community. It does not have any connection with Mumbai.
Munaf took advantage of this and today people like to eat bohri cuisine.

Included in the Under 30 list

At the age of 28, Munaf has achieved this position. For his achievement, India Forbes Magazine has placed him in the top position in his ’30 Under 30′ series.
According to the report of Magazine, Munaf is the first person who has made the home chef’s business so big “

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