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In today’s post, you are going to tell about some things about the life of JOEL D CANFIELD. This is a relativity from their life, so let’s start…

Six months ago Best Beloved and I decided life would be better if we weren’t,t tied down, with a lot of stuff we didn’t,t need, yearning for a life of travel.

We are happiest when we, re driving; music on, writing our next book, talking about life. It just stopped making sense to have a fixed place of residence. Despite the surprise of more orthodox friends, we gave notice on the house we were renting and started emptying it.

It wasn,t easy giving up all that stuff I’d been hanging onto. In the end, some of it went to a friend’s closet – but precious little. Besides a few cases of books and vinyl LPs, we only own what fits in our minivan. Half of that is my musical equipment; instruments and performing and recording equipment.

Giving up a fixed place of residence to travel frees mental and emotional energy. As a result, I’ve found that I’m not an entrepreneur, I’m a philosopher.

Every business I’ve started during the past decade has shared a common thread: it’s never been about the work to be done, but the reason. Why they do things or don’t. Why they work against their own judgment in order to please others.

I’m fascinated by motivations, the “why” of choices. I’ve discovered that finding “why” makes “what” and “how” becomes clear. A good reason to act creates motivation. Realizing there is no good reason frees me to abandon pointless activities.

Best Beloved and I still have to eat and prefer to sleep indoors, so we still do the work we love doing for others. Rather than my business, though, I’ve changed my focus to finding “why” and helping others find it, too.

This time, others seem less surprised or maybe it’s just that it matters less to a nomadic philosopher.

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