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In this post you are going to tell about some aspects of the life of JAMES ALTUCHER in which JAMES ALTUCHER has written a few words, then let’s start.

I’m a bad son. That’s what started this line of thinking. I was thinking, “what am I bad at?” and the first thing that occurred to me as I’m a bad son. For the six months before my father had a stroke, I refused to speak to him. We were in an argument. After he had his stroke, I’d visit. He’d sometimes open his eyes. But he couldn’t speak. Three years looking at a ceiling. I passed a chessboard to the ceiling but I don’t know if he ever really saw it. When you feel guilty about something, sometimes you avoid thinking about it so it doesn’t consume you.

I haven’t always been the best father. When my kids were little I’d work six days a week sometimes in the city and miss the whole week. Miss plays. Parent-teacher conferences. The whole thing. What was I so focused on? Who knows. It’s ancient history. But I still have time. Maybe I’II make up for it.

The other day I dropped them off at school. And when you see these tiny little creatures with their own thoughts and feelings, trying to get comfortable in their winter jackets and backpacks, going off to the brick school, you get scared for them. Because being a little girl is a lot to have to deal with and I’cant be inside their brains helping them through every step of it.

I haven’t been the best employee. I’ve worked multiple jobs and businesses at the same time to make a good living. I’ve quit without notice. I personally think that just about everyone would be happier if they escaped their cubicles but I realizer it’s a scary leap for many.

I haven’t always been the best entrepreneur. By my last count, I’ve been a co-founder of twelve companies but with only about four good exits. I’ve raised a lot of money. I’ve lost a lot of money. Every now and then, though, I’ve made more then I’ve lost.

I wasn’t the best college student. I don’t want to send my kids to college. I think it’s an over-inflated waste. I can’t remember even attending a single class in college. I graduated in another $40,000 for the fourth year. But I needed a 3.0-grade point average and I had a 2.999. I had to beg my Fortran professor to upgrade his grade on me from D- to D+ so I could get the 3.0. Thank god he did or… nothing. Nobody’s ever even asked me if I’ve gotten a college degree. For all I know I don’t even have one. I’ve certainly never seen it.

I’m not the best homeowner. I’ve owned twice. Both times it’s been a miserable experience for me. Home owing is a scam.We have a trillion dollar banking industry that borrows money from you at 1% and lends to you at 5% so everything in this country is geared towards hypnotizing you into thinking that owning a home is the American dreams. otherwise, trillions of dollars get lost. Which is what happened in 2008 when the hypnosis wore off for a while.

I wasn’t the best boyfriend. Even from a tender age, I would get jealous. I would sometimes be a little obsessive. Dating is a full-time job. It’s all about making sure you aren’t spending energy in the wrong direction. You have to have goals and every day work towards those goals. And if anything deflects you from those goals, even for short-term gain, you have to avoid it.

I haven’t been the best brother. One of the last times I saw one of my sisters she hit me in the face and I fell to the ground on the corner of 42nd and 5th. I’II take this line out if she wants me to. But she had her reasons. And she was much stronger than I thought she would be.

I’m not the best writer. Most of my books have flopped. Probably because I hate writing about investing. Here’s the reality: most people should not buy stocks. Financial media is financial entertainment. If someone tells you should buy a stock you should take that same money and go on a nice vacation instead. As someone who has been involved in every aspect of the financial media community for ten years, I can tell you that most people have no clue what they are doing and should not be listened to except in special circumstances. And Everyone, no exceptions, should do their own research and due diligence before acting on any financial advice.

But despite all of this, I want you to know that no matter what you’ve done, I forgive you.

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