Instagram Facts : Top 15 Amazing Facts Of Instagram

Instagram Facts

Today we are going to talk about Instagram Facts. Instagram is used by all if it is a comic person or a common person today everyone uses Instagram but if you know its facts, then today we will talk about the Fact of the Instagram Let’s start.

Earlier in the post, I told you about Facebook, Technology, Mobile Fact and today will tell you about Instagram Fact.

 Top 15 Amazing Facts Of Instagram


1. 6 October 2010 Instagram Was Born.

2. Do you know that about 9 6 million people upload photos, per single day

3. Do you know how many daily likes are on the Instagram, about 4-2 billion

4. When Instagram started the video option, more than 5 million videos were uploaded and that too within 24 hours.


5. Now in 2018, Instagram has made a new update, before it could only place the video up to 1 min but now you can upload long videos, its name is IGTV

6. Did you know that 70 million photos are uploaded to the Daily Instagram

7. Do you know Kim, Kendal, Kali, these three celebrities, if all three of them have been added to the flowers, then it is more than Russia’s populations

8. Monthly Active User Instagram from 2013 to 2018(in millions)

Monthly Active User Instagram from 2013 to 2018(in millions)

9. Do you know who is the most popular person on the Instagram, Justin Bieber, whose Baby Baby Song was a huge hit

10. Did you know that Facebook bought Instagram for 1 million dollars because Facebook thought it was going to be very popular in the coming time?

11. Do you know the biggest account of the Instagram, it is not a celebrity, it is itself an Instagram which has 144 billion people

12. #Love is the  most used user on Instagram

13. Most brands use it to promote their product

14. Did you know that Instagram is a very good tool for making money when a company uses its celebrity to promote its product and if a celebrity posts a tag by tagging that brand in its post, then they get a lot of money? is

15. 38% of women use Instagram, while 26% of men use Instagram

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