India Does Not Float in the River of This Country

Pure River In India

In the country, we have seen many rivers and have seen floating names in it. However, in India where water does not float, there is a water source. Yes, the only thing that is in Umma, not water stock, which flows in Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya. The water of this spring is as clean as glass. Every stone looks like a crystal under the waterfall.

You Are Surprised to Hear the Population of India

It is known as the cleanest water in the country. The result of this cleaning is that it runs on the boat with the boat, it seems that they are floating on a clear piece of glass. Local residents strictly follow the rules to keep it clean. Those who come here are clearly told that they do not spread any kind of dirt in the river.

Pure River In India

This river flows between Bangladesh and India. Ummagat flows near the town of Shilang, which is situated on the Bangladesh border. People who are watching this river here tell that the river is so clean for hundreds of years. The British have also built a bridge on it. A large number of fish are also found in this river.

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