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Are you troubled with your stubborn mind, who wants to remember, does he leave the mind? Even after trying to put a lot of emphasis on mind, do not remember anything? Many times you think there is something else and do something else and it goes something else and it happens with many people too. Many of the methods used by many scientists to improve the memory of the mind are two ways Got good enough.

According to researchers at John Hopkins University, this has led to considerable changes in brain activity. Although this exercise did not make anybody smart enough but exercise improved significantly in the creative abilities of the school and office. The results of this week’s research have been published in a journal, Journal of Cognitive Enhancement.


The brain will be sharp when you want

The authors of the dissertation, Kara J. Blake said – People say that they did not benefit from training to provide brain power, but this training really will benefit you when you are really interested in enhancing your brain power. The author of John Hopkins Post Doctorate Fellow in Psychological and Brain Sciences said that the problem was not that of brain training, but the researchers used the type of exercises to check it.

How many people

Participants were divided into three groups for this and all the participants were adults. It tested the brain capacity of all the participants. In this, the brain activity of all individuals is measured with the electroencephalogram (EEG). After this everyone was asked to perform a computer task. One of these groups showed interest in an exercise of the brain, while the second group took an interest in the second exercise. Similarly, the third group did the control task.

Each cluster participating in the study took a lot of training in a week. When he returned to the research laboratory, wherever he had his full round test whether his brain capacity improved or not. Researchers found that the capacity of participants participating in brain testing increased by 30 percent.


We hope that further research will continue on the problems associated with the brain and memory, and some effective formula will emerge.

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