How to Earn from Adsense and How Much Money Can Google Adsense Earn?

How Much Money Can Google Adsense Earn?

If you are wondering how much money we can earn from Google Adsense, then you are telling us a few points below that most of your traffic and the content you wrote are quality or not and it also imposes on some points.

1. How much traffic is on your website or blog

2. What kind of traffic and location is coming to your site

3. What type of content do you write?

4. What kind of keywords do you spend on your content?

5.  How do you placement Adsense?

Adjusted earnings by looking at these 5 words above, for example – a person is one whose website or blog comes to 100,000 visitors and a person with 10,000 visitors comes in, he can earn more than 100,000 visitors Just for him, he will have to work more quality.

To Earn from Adsense, You Have to Do

If you want to earn money from Adsense, you must first have a website or a blog, I have given both methods below for how to make a website on Blogger.

1. How to Build a Website on Blogger

2. How to create a site on WordPress

After creating a website or blog, you can create any topic on your site, remember that your content should not be a duplicate when 30 to 40 posts or articles should be done on your site and 1000 to 2000 visitors You can apply for Adsense after being told how to create an AdSense account below.

How to Verify and How to Build an Adwords Account

After applying for your AdSense account, it is time to get your account checked for 1-2 weeks when your account becomes accessible, you can do ADS show on your site and your earnings will start.

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