Have You Ever Noticed These Things?

Have You Ever Wondered Why a Hole in the Pen Is Used

Friends, we have grown up after seeing so many things which we have seen once and ignored them and went ahead. Today, we are going to tell you what works these things are.


1. Hole in the pen’s cap – You may also chew the cap of friends pen, but you have never thought why the hole above the caps would have happened. Friends, the habit of chewing the cap of the pen is done by a lot of people, if you accidentally swallow it and it gets lost in your throat then you are not able to breathe, these holes are made.



2. Holes in shoes – Friends have holes to tie lace in shoes, but some shoes have holes in it too, the reason for making them is to go inside and out of the air so that your shoes do not smell.

Have You Ever Noticed These Things?


3. Hole in the cooking pan holder – Friends would have used a lot of cooking pan, but it has never been thought that why it has a hole in its holder, there are two reasons for it to be hung on the stand of the pot and the second cooking Spoon may be stuck in it while doing it.

Have You Ever Noticed These Things?


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