21 Interesting Facts about The Great Wall of China

Great Wall oF China

China’s huge wall is a kelenumaa wall made of clay and stone, which was built from 5th century BC to 16th century to protect the northern invaders from various rulers of China. This great wall of China is more than 2,300 years old. This wall is counted among seven wonders of the world.

1. It took about 2000 years to build a wall after the imagination of China’s former emperor Qin Shi Huang.

2. This wall was not constructed by anyone emperor, but by many emperors and kings.

3. This wall was opened to the common tourists in 1970.

4. The length of this wall is 6400 km This is the biggest structure created by humans in the world.

5. When making the wall, rice flour was used to connect its stones.

6. It is not a whole wall but it is made up of small parts.

7. There are many empty spaces on this wall even if these empty spaces are added, its length is 8848 km. Will happen.

8. The width of this wall is so that the 5 horsemen or 10-foot soldiers can patrol together.

9. The height of this wall is not uniform, it is 9 feet high and somewhere 35 feet high.

10. To keep an eye on the enemies coming from the wall, the minarets were also made in many places of these walls.

11. China’s huge wall was built to protect the country from enemies but later it was used to transport and goods from one place to another.

12. This Chinese wall was built to protect the country but the wall could not be invincible as Genghis Khan broke it in 1211 and attacked China.

13. Chinese wall was included in UNESCO World Heritage List in 1987.

14. In the 1960-70s, people had started building houses for themselves by removing bricks from this wall but later the government impeded security. Although theft still happens today and its broker is considered to be worth 3 pounds in the smuggler market.

15. One-third of the Great Wall of China has disappeared. This is due to the lack of proper maintenance of the wall beside the effect of the weather and theft.

16. It is said that the workers who did not work hard in making this wall were buried in this wall.

17. According to the figures, about one million people lost their lives in making it. That is why this wall is also called the world’s largest graveyard.

18. This is the only man-made structure that can be seen from space.

19. In the Chinese language, this wall is called ‘Van Li Chong Chung’, which suggests ‘Breading Nangian Wall of China’

20. About 10 million tourists come to see this wall every year.

21. Nearly 400 leaders from around the world, including Barack Obama, Richard Nixon, Queen Elizabeth II and Japan’s Emperor Akihito, have seen this wall.

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