“Got That Element, Who Has Kept the Earth!

"Got That Element, Who Has Kept the Earth!

Man and other creatures on earth have lived for centuries. Earth is the only planet in our universe, where life is found. This is where drinking water is available. Scientists believe the existence of Earth several billion years ago. Earth’s history is found in pieces, but as time goes on, the earth’s tectonic plates disappear, with the help of evidence in the study of the Earth, they are destroyed. Perhaps this is the reason that the unknown anecdotes of the earth have not yet been fully understood.

"Got That Element, Who Has Kept the Earth!


Vitality of Titanium

Researchers at the University of Chicago have taken an initiative to give a gift to the image of the elementary Earth before people, seeing the marks of the chemical element ti through the high layer of the planet, i.e. crust. Recently, a research in light has been told that the upper layer of the Earth may have been like the Lavasa of Hawaii 3.5 trillion years ago.

Earth’s crust is made of the same amount of darkness, magnesium and iron minerals. But today the crust between land and ocean looks different. Crust color is light on the ground. There are plenty of silicon and aluminum elements in it. At which point both of these separate, it is very important because the structure of minerals keeps the flow of nutrients which is essential for whole life.

Head Louise Black of the Origins Lab head of research, Nicholas Dofas, Louise Black and Geophysical Science Department, says that this question is being considered since then since geologists began to believe in the rocks, the result was quite stunning.

All Game Rocks

To reconstruct the earth’s crust, changing over time, geologists focused their attention on a special rock, which was called Sheel. This shell is made of alternative rocks and minerals, which flows through mud through the flow of water and later it is arranged within a rock type. After this, the scientists broke the samples of rocks found in many ages, and seeing the findings found in many forms, it led to the result that these rocks had a significant contribution in keeping the earth’s crust consistently constant.

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