How Does Google See Me or You and How Can Avoid It?

How Does Google Keep an Eye on You and How Can You Avoid It?

Do you know that the world’s largest search engine, Google knows everything from every single activity to your ideology, contact, likes, dislikes etc.? Let’s talk about how Google does all this and what is the benefit of it? Most of Google’s services are free, some of which are:

Go to google & type – Google My Activity

Google My Activity


1. Google search engine: This giant search engine rarely survived any of today. If you want to travel on the internet, you can rarely find this search engine. But let me tell you that this search engine keeps collecting information about every keyword and clicked the site you’ve searched for so that it can understand your interests and dislikes.

2. YouTube: The world’s largest video sharing service, YouTube, which you see, subscribe to or dislike the video on YouTube, Google keeps track of all accounts.

3. Chrome Browser: Needless to say, this browser keeps sending information to Google about the things you are looking for.

4. Android: This is the most commonly used operating system for smartphones. If you have also used it, then you know that using it means sending information to Google about all your contacts, your geographical location etc.

5. Google Adsense: This is Google’s advertising service. Obviously, the ad code will be displayed where you are located and the information will be sent to Google.

6. Google Analytics: Through this service, you can find out what is the position of readers’ traffic to your site. Google Analytics provides you with more information when people come in more, what places are more than that. But more info than it provides to the webmaster, it sends it to Google. Google Analytics continues to hide so you do not even realize that you are being monitored.

7. Google DNS: If you do not use any Google service and only use DNS, your information about every click is reaching Google. It does not matter which browser or software you are using.

8. Gmail: Checks Google’s machines sent and received by each email that you send and decides the ads accordingly.

9. Google Plus: Social networking site.

Now you must have understood by looking at this list that it is impossible to avoid the eyes of Google. Then what does Google do with all this data? The answer is to know your interests and behavior by showing you the same advertising and earning money from these advertisements. That’s the full fund. Not only this, but it has also been heard that the US government also monitors people through it in a very secretive manner.

So how to avoid it? By the way, you can not escape from it altogether. Yes, but it is partially possible that you do not want to give Google all the information about yourself.

  • Its direct way can be that you do not rely on the same company for all needs. For example, you can use separate service for email and separate service.
  • Try logging out when you are searching Google. Although Google still keeps collecting information about you, your identity remains anonymous.
  • Keep erasing cookies regularly.
  • Use adblocker etc. to remove ads automatically.
  • To avoid Google Analytics, a browser extension is available from which analytics script is disabled and Google cannot see you. They can also be kept in the browser. This is also provided by Google:
  • Google DNS can be used in place of Open DNS or any DNS provided by your Internet Service Provider.
  • At least on your website can use Piwik open source analytics instead of Google Analytics.
  • Emails can also be taken from the web hosting company on their own domain for email.
  • Blogs, etc. Instead of using Blogger, start your website and install WordPress on it and write the blog.


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