What is File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Definition in

File Transfer Protocol

What is File Transfer Protocol?

The full form of FTP is File Transfer Protocol. File Transfer Protocol is a program or open protocol standard that helps users to obtain large files of users and computers in private or public networks. Configuration files can also be transferred to network devices such as switches and routers with the help of FTP. Encryption is used for effective secure connections of FTP files.

So why Port 20 and 21? :

Port 20 and 21

This is the standard for ports server on which the server listen and respond to the request. If you want you can configure the server on another free port, but in this case, you have to tell the client which server is configured on which port the FTP request can be processed. If the client requests a port on which the server is not configured then the client’s request will drop and no communication will be done. For this reason, Port 20 and 21 have been reserved for FTP and have been kept Avam standard.

How to use File Transfer Protocol

When the operating system does not have FTP graphical applications, It is used with the help of command-line programs, which still use system administrators. Even today almost all, of the OS (Windows, Unix, and Linux operating systems) command line FTP support arrives. But today many companies have developed FTP utilities with new features which are used in desktops, servers, mobile devices, and hardware. You can use FTP in any of the following ways –

Graphical clients

Graphical clients can help you transfer files through drag and drop only. After entering the AWM and File Transfer Protocol host name (e.g, ftp.my ftp server.net) you have to enter your username and password. If you are logging in to anonymous FTP server then you may not even need a username and password. File Zilla is a Smart FTP popular graphical application that you can download and use.

Web Browser

If you do not want to use free software then you can also use it for by entering the address of the File Transfer Protocol server in your browser. This method is convenient to use but web browsers are less reliable and less reliable. To use FTP in the web browser, type in browserftp://ftp.myftpserver.net/

After using the command line to open the command: Command Line, you have to type – ftp.my ftp server.net

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