21 Interesting Facts About the Sun

Know 21 Interesting Facts Related to the Sun

In this post We are going to tell some interesting facts related to the sun which you probably do not know, then you are told below 20 sun-dried fruits of the sun.

1. Sun is about 86 percent in the solar system.

2. Sun is about 9 billion years old.

3. The distance of the Sun from Earth is about 14, 95, 97, 900 kilometers.

4. Venus is orbiting the sun in 224.7 days

5. Sun is a star almost 100 times larger than the Earth and about 333 times the Earth is 400 times heavier.

6. The Sun’s diameter is 1.4 million kilometers.

7. If the Sun is considered as a light, then the Earth will be like a glass tablet.

8. Sun rays take 8 minutes to 17 seconds to arrive on Earth.

9. The speed of the sun rays is 3 lakh kilometers per second.

10. The planet with the closest and fastest planet to the Sun is Mercury Planet.

11. Sun does orbit our galaxy’s axis in 25 million years.

12. Sun is made up of 74% hydrogen 24% helium, in addition to it, oxygen, carbon, iron, and neon are also present in the sun.

13. The temperature of the outer surface of the sun is 5760 degree Celsius and the Sun’s temperature is 0.5 million Celsius.

14. The solar eclipse occurs when the moon comes between the earth and the sun

15. Like the Earth, the Sun is not too harsh because the gases in the Sun are found in large quantities

16. The gravitational attraction of the sun is 28 times more than the Earth. Suppose your weight on the earth is 60 kg, then your weight on the sun will be 1680 kg

17. The sun’s rays take 5 hours and 30 minutes to reach Pluto

18. Using the sun’s internal temperature for one second, the entire US will not need electricity for the next 38,000 years

19. Pluto takes the most time to revolve around the Sun. It takes about 248 years orbiting the sun

20. Mars rotates in the sun (Sun) in 687 days

21. Every year on Earth the solar eclipse occurs. Solar eclipse may occur more than 5 times in a year and this eclipse can last from 7 minutes 40 seconds to 20

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