11 Interesting Facts About Japan

Learn Some Things About Japan That Will Surprise You

11 Interesting Facts About Japan

1. Japan is supporting India’s first bullet train. Japan is not just famous for its bullet train technology but there are many other things that make Japan different from other countries in the world. We are telling you some things about Japan that will surprise you.

2. Most Japanese companies allow their employees to take a nap at work. It is not considered bad to go to work in the office here. According to a report by The Guardian, more and more companies are giving this, facility to their employees here. They believe that they work better than.

3. The world’s oldest company is named Kongo Gumi. The construction company of Japan was about 1400 years old. According to Bloomberg, the company started in 576 AD. This company was closed in 2006.

4. There is a competition called ‘Crying Sumo’ in Japan. Here two Sumo hold the children in front of each other. In this competition, the first child to succeed in winnings is the winner.

5. In Japan, it is bad to tip the hotel waiter. Tipping the waiter is considered as an insult. According to Japan Today, many hotels here write to customers on the bill, instruct the customers not to tip the waiters.

6. People sleep in the cyber cafe in Japan because according to a daily mail report, living in a cybercafe here is much cheaper than taking a house at a rented house. For this reason, the Cyber Cafe also offers Day & Night packages. Large cabins are made in the net cafe. It happens in such a place where a person can sleep too.

7. In Japan, the word ‘carouse’ means the death due to excessive work. According to a report by the Japanese government in the year 2016, 1 out of every 5 employees is expected to die due to excessive work in the office. Actually, people work more than 105 hours in a month.

8. Even if you eat burgers or other fast food in MacDay, but some people in Japan sleep in the MMcDuckrestaurant itself. According to the BBC, here is Maci’s Open Door Policy. In such a situation, those who do not have a house or who can not afford to rent a room, they fall asleep in these restaurants. These are called macrifuges.

9. Mashbumi Houston of Japan survived the Titanic ship accident in 1912 and went on to become the cause of trouble for them. When Hoslon returned to his country, he termed them as cowards. The people believed that he was a civil servant, and he should have died in saving the people in that accident, although after years the government has honored them and a museum has been started in the name of them.

10. The oldest people in Japan are the ones. According to The Wall Street Journal, there are 50 thousand people whose age is more than 100 years.

11. According to the BBC, Godzilla has given citizenship to Shinjuku city of Tokyo. If you ever want to reach this citizen’s address, Kabuki-Cho, located in Shinjuku-ku, will reach 1-19-1. However, the reason for giving citizenship is only to encourage entertainment and to come to the tourist.

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