Facts About Equinox

Facts About Equinox

Before inventing the clock and the calendar, our ancestors had a way to determine the time and date. It is to determine the condition of the sun. One of the most notable astronomical phenomena is called Equinox.

According to the Earth and the sky, an equinox occurs when the sun is directly aligned with the imaginary line of the Earth, which is called the equator. Below are other Interesting Facts about Equinox, let’s know about it.

The first Equinox of the year occurs twice in a year during spring and autumn in March and the second September. Autumn (fall) equinox in the northern hemisphere and spring (Vernal) equinox in the Southern Hemisphere everywhere in the same moment in identical figures. The Equinox has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere in September. Earth and Sky note that continental U.S. For the time zone, this equinox arrives at 10:21 AM ADT, 9:21 AM CDT, 8:21 AM MDT or 7:21 AM PDT.

Equinox” comes from the Latin word Equi means “equal” and Nox means “knight”. Although it means that the length of day and night will be the same length. It’s not like this. Actually, light is still defined by the refraction of sunlight. One Fact is that though day and night will not be equal. Now in December, the days of winter will decrease.

Astronomical weather is different. Seasonal starters for the weather watchdog start in the Northern Hemisphere September before Equinox. This is what the Portland Press Herald says because the meteorologists are not dependent on seasonal temperature, not the position of the sun.

According to space.com, the possibility of growing Aurora Borealis increases during an equinox. Janet Green, a physicist from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), told the site that the time around the Equinox occurs when geomagnetic storms are strong. As a result of which often aurora is displayed.

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