Facts About China

Facts About China

China is also known for its high manufacturing power, besides making affordable technology with a population of 135 million. Not only this, along with being the world’s first-ever biggest market, he is making a distinct identity for his terracotta army, interesting inventions, tea, the Great Wall of China and the One Child Policy, as well as many more things. Let us know some special and unique things in China.

1. 70 percent of the toys in the world are made in China.

2. China’s 100 million people, that is, 100 million people have to live every day $ 1 a day.

3. Four times the death penalty awarded in the whole world is given in China alone.

4. Without a government clearance in China, rehabilitation is prohibited.

5. The site of Facebook, Twitter and New York Times has been blocked since 2009 in China.

6. Despite the site blocks, Facebook has 95 million active users in China.

7. The first time in the world, the currency of paper was invented in China 1400 years ago.

8. About 35 million people still live in caves in China.

9. Even today, about 700 million people in China are forced to drink contaminated water.

10. Sunrise in China is around 10 o’clock in the morning.

11. Every child is born every 30 seconds in China.

12. Every year nearly 1 million girls in China make miscarriage, and with the help of a child policy, thousands of children leave their mothers.

13. By 2020 China will have 30 to 40 million people who will not get wives.

14. Every five days a skyscraper is built in China.

15. There is also a treatment center for the people of the Internet in China.

16. Every year around 4 million cats are eaten in China and eaten.

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