BMW Facts : 25 Interesting Facts About BMW Car


Today I will talk about Interesting Facts About BMW Cars.

BMW is a big brand … whose name is just enough. Almost everyone has a dream that he has a 4 wheeler, especially Audi, Ferrari or BMW. Because these are the most expensive carts that everyone does not have to talk about. Audi still gets to see us but you may have seen the BMW car hard.

25 Interesting Facts About BMW Car

1. All the big celebrities in the world will have almost every model of cars, among them will be the brand named BMW. But do you know who created this car first or its head office? Let’s say some interesting information related to it …

2. The full name of BMW is Bavarian Motor Works.

3. In 1916, a German company founded a company producing this automobile, motorcycle, and engine.

4. It is a manufacturer and proprietary company of the MINI (Mini) brand and Rolls Royce is also the parent company of motor cars.

5. The headquarter of BMW company Germany, Germany is located in Munich.

6. It has been 100 years since the establishment of the BMW Company, which was done by Camilo Castiglioni in 1916 by Frage Joseph Pop.

7. 56% of BMW cars are run by petrol.

8. At the beginning of BMW, only airplane propeller was made.

9. BMW motor car also carries out the design of an airplane.

10. In 1937, BMW made the most tech bike at that time.

11. At that time his speed was 288 km / h.

12. BMW cars are one of the most expensive cars in the world.

13. BMW’s name was first BFW.

14. BMW sells 2 million cars at least every year.

15. BMW’s South Caloria Factory is made up of 1000 vehicles every day.

16. BMW initially built a bike that is still made today. This company is more than 1.3 million every year.

17. The people of BMW are inspired by the national flag of Bavaria.

18. After World War II in 1918, BMW was forced to make an aircraft engine. Then gradually the company started making motorcycles.

19. BMW launched its first car on the road after the name of Dixie. Which was based on Asti-7?

20. Before 2009, BMW makes more than 10 million vehicles every year.

21. BMW cars are one of the best-selling luxury cars in the world. Whose annual earnings are up to 92 euros.

22. A total of 116,300 employees work in the BMW company. Which is a world record in the name of this company?

23. BMW’s logo is blue and white, which reflects the color of Batavia’s flag.

24. BMW made the first bike helions and flicks but did not succeed, after that R 32 made a bike which was very popular.

25. BMW has also got sponsorship at the London Olympics.

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