Do You Know Why Vacation Is Sunday

Why Vacation Is Sunday

We are eager for Sunday’s holiday all week, but no one knows the history of this holiday. We all know how much struggle we had to fight for freedom. Similarly, there was a lot of struggle for Sunday’s holiday. Even when British rule was in India, the workers and workers of India had to assess seven days per week.


After seeing all this, the leader of the workers, Shri Narayan Megha Ji Lokhande had presented a one-day holiday proposal in front of the British people. He told the British government that our workers and employees should meet one day in a week, in which they can rest with their family and friends.

Mr. Narayan chose Sunday because the British used to go to church every Sunday and according to Hindu religion this day is considered to be the day of God Khandoba. But the British government rejected his proposal when his laborers and employees had announced the Sunday holiday to the British Government for the Sunday holiday.

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