Do You Know Where the Dump in the Ocean Is the Trash of Space?

Do You Know Where the Dump in the Ocean Is the Trash of Space?

Large satellites, space stations, and other objects have a huge risk of falling on the ground, so many countries have made Kobhistan the spaciest of the Earth for space spaces. This space station is located about 1450 nautical miles from any part of the Earth. There are many old and cremated satellites buried here too. Space Agencies and companies are now worried about getting rid of this junk of space. Now, these agencies are working towards cleaning it.


Point Nemo i.e. “None”

There are many names in this remote area of the earth. It is called point Nemo (which literally means “none”) and it is also called a sea pole, where no one can reach. It is located at 48 degrees 52.6 minutes on southern latitude and 123 degrees 23.6 minutes on Western latitude. This place is located 1450 nautical miles from any area of the earth. This is the best place to bury any unused and useless spacecraft, so NASA has named it the cemetery of the space shuttle.

Small satellites are consumed in the air

Small satellites are consumed in the air

NASA says this place is located in the Pacific Ocean. This is one of the most remote places of human civilization. Aerospace engineer Bill Aylor said that this is the place where you can dump anything without harming anyone. Space agencies need time to bury space waste objects in the middle of the sea. Small satellites usually do not end up on Point Nemo. NASA says that when small satellites fall on Earth at the speed of thousands of miles per hour, the heat generated by the friction of the air burns the satellite.

Actually, the problem comes with things like big spacecraft like Tiangong. Tanjong is China’s first space station, which was launched in September 2011. Its weight was about 8.5 tons. China lost control of 24 feet long orbital lab by March 2016. There is a full apprehension of crashing by 2018. But where it will be crashed, no one knows about it yet.

As long as the inquisitive person is alive on earth, the spacecraft will be released and by then the problem will continue to be housed.

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