Diffrence of HTTP & HTTPS full Guideness

Diffrence of HTTP & HTTPS full Guideness

The full name of HTTP is Hypertext Transfer Protocol. This protocol is used to exchange information between server and client. When you open a website on your browser, you can find HTTP: // written in front of it. Initially, notifications can be sent and received in HTTP only in GET mode. Post method came later. Any data is sent in the GET mode by filling in the URL.

Such as http://newsifier.info/

Diffrence of HTTP & HTTPS full Guideness


Now talk about https One word in https is also connected. This S means Secure Socket Layer. This protocol is a mixed version of HTTP and SSL / tls. When a web browser asks for any information under this protocol, the information between the server and the client is exchanged in a fully encrypted format. That means no one can read through seeing that data in the middle. That is why it is used in banking, corporate logs, e-commerce etc.

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Difference between HTTP and HTTPS

  • The URL in HTTP starts with HTTP: // while https: // in https
  • HTTP is not secure while https is secure
  • In the normal state, HTTP port 80 uses while the port of https port 443
  • No certificates are required for HTTP, while https requires SSL digital certificate
  • HTTP does not have encryption when it comes to https.

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