Berlin : 15 Interesting Fact About Berlin Wall


In this post, we are going to tell about some Interesting things about Berlin Wall that you probably will not know.

1. A wall was drawn between West Berlin and the German Democratic Republic, which divided the eastern and western pieces of Berlin city. The Berlin Wall was built on August 13, 1961, by the Government of East Germany.

2. So that person who wants to flee from East Germany and go to Western Germany cannot enter the area completely. The Berlin Wall kept East and West people away from each other for nearly 28 years, but on October 3, 1990, both parts of Germany were reunited in the 1990’s.

3. The Berlin Wall was 87 miles long, which means more than 140 kilometers.

4. Nearly 5,000 people had migrated to capitalist West Germany, while the number of people killed from 136 to 200 in an effort to go above Berlin’s wall.

5. In the year 1963, former East German ex-soldiers stole a tank to escape safely through the Berlin Wall.

6. While crossing the Berlin Wall, the last person who died was trying to escape from the air balloon, but he fell and died.

7. The Berlin Wall was accidentally uprooted by the citizens.

8. In 1987, David Bowie performed on Berlin Wall and the people of East Germany had gathered to listen to him behind the wall. You can hear singing and joyous voices behind the wall.

9. Usain Bolt is the owner of the 3-ton block of the Berlin Wall.

10. There is a men’s bathroom on a section of the Berlin Wall and the main street station and casino in Las Vegas.

11. In 1989, Margaret Thatcher advocated maintaining Berlin Wall with Mikhail Gorbachev.

12. 9th November is an important day in Germany because, in 1918, Germany became a republic on this day and in the year 1923 the Munich Beer Hall was revived.

13. In 1938, the wall of Berlin in Kristallnacht and in 1989, fell on 9 November.

14. A year after the fall of The Berlin Wall, the division of eastern and western Germany was over and the two became one.

15. Talking about the present time, the remains of the three-kilometer long Berlin Wall are present.

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